Friday, January 28, 2011

Tiny Flash Drive

Buffalo Technology has announced its ultra-compact USB RUF2 PSG Flash Drive series.Featuring AES encryption software, the drive is so small that no inserting and removing is required; one can leave it plugged into a laptop and move. This thumbnail drive is fast, easy and secure way to transfer data with Turbo PC and secure lock. One can just leave the drive plugged in and move on as they only extend 5mm from the laptop. This new drive can transfer data 20 percent faster as it comes with Turbo PC. The thumbnail flash drive supports Microsoft windows 7 and comes in three different colors – black, white and red.

Prices : 
                  2 GB : 700 Rs/-
                  4 GB : 1,000 Rs/-
                  8 GB : 1,600 Rs/-

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