Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top scientists who changed the world

Many people had made contributions to different aspects of knowledge and have managed to change the world with these contributions. It is in the field of science where most of the radical and significant contributions have been made and a remarkable group of scientists should be thanked for the work that has changed how we view the world and how we live today.
1. Charles Darwin

Darwin formed the revolutionary theory that all life evolved from common ancestors. He formulated the theory of natural selection. Darwin’s concept of evolution based on the survival of the fittest created quite a stir and gave more structure to the earlier evolutionary theories. Darwin’s work is now a pillar for all of biology because it remains the best explanation for the high level of diversity of life on earth. He published The Origin of The Species in 1859 and will eventually come out with his studies on human evolution and sexual selection with his book The Descent of Man and other books expressing his theories and views on other aspects of the human being. Go here if you’re interested in reading Charles Darwin’s complete works.
2. Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci is arguably one of the most recognized scientists of all time – and with good measure. He possesses the skills and intelligence to assume many different hats. We know he’s a painter, architect and sculptor and inventor. But he’s also a mathematician, botanist, writer and musician. Da Vinci was driven by a never ending curiosity that led him to continuously look for answers. Da Vinci is a true Renaissance man.
3. Galileo Galilei

Modern science has a lot to be thankful for “Galileo Galilei”. The acknowledged Father of Modern Science has made many contributions to the fields of astronomy and physics and served as the foundation for building a modern view of many science disciplines. Of course, he will always be most famous for supporting heliocentrism, which went against the religious dogmas of the Catholic Church, which supported a geocentric system.
4. Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton made many contributions to science that has helped us understand the physical world. His three laws of motion and his description of universal gravitation are some of the most important principles in physics that is being taught in schools today. His Philosophaea Naturalis Principia Matematica is also a worthy contribution as it is considered one of the most important books in science.
5. Albert Einstein

Probably the most famous scientist in the world, Albert Einstein brought the more intricate sub-disciplines of physics to the masses. Who else could claim to have made an equation that is known by practically anyone on earth?
E = mc2 -----   will forever be an indelible contribution of Einstein to the sciences. His work in theoretical physics was acknowledged when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.

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