Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to Evaluate the Weightage of a Laptop

Laptop is evaluated on the basis of features, build quality, ergonomics and performance as well as warranty and support.
  1. Features
  2. Built quality
  3. Performance
  4. Ergonomics and
  5. Warranty & Support.


                    The performance of any machine completely depends on its hardware, which is why we began with noting the hardware specifications such as type of processor, clock speed, then the RAM, hard drive room and so on. If a laptop has a powerful processor, discrete GPU and large screen, it scores very well. Integrated features such as Bluetooth, webcam, memory card reader, eSATA port and an HDMI output are added bonuses. Finally, we note the weight of each laptop.


                       Ease of use and comfort are key when it comes to using portable devices, and laptops aren’t any different. We paid close attention to the keyboard and touch pad design. Details such as the size, spacing and tactility of keys, the locations of ports and card readers, and the presence of status indicators and hotkeys were logged and points were given accordingly. Having a keyboard with big keys and a good layout is important for comfort and productivity, while ports are more easily accessible if they are on the sides instead of the rear.

#Warranty and Support:

                                        Complex gadgets such as laptops, that have several subsystems, are very prone to malfunctioning. Should anything go wrong with our valuable investments, an authorized service center should be easily reachable. We consider the warranty period on each laptop, the number of service centers each manufacturer has in India, and the number of cities in which these are present.

#Value for money:

                         The value for money index is calculated by stacking up the features and performance scores against the price.
                                          Finally, by examine all these categories, we can correctly evaluate the high performance of the laptop and we definitely choose the best one..

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