Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top 20 Best Games Forever

                                                       *****The Best Games*****

@1. CARMAGED DON (1997-2000)

Carmaged is one of the different games. It is not about racing, but something else entirely-cutting loose.  If most of the games are about the triumph of good over evil, carmageddon is the antithesis. It’s pure, unadulterated evil; a no-holds-barred, violent smashfest of the highest order that boasts true freedom to win the race by your preferred means: cross all checkpoints, wreck all other opponents, or kill all pedestrians.
In carpocalyse now! The last level takes place in a nuclear reactor, and your objective is to hit the huge button that will destroy the reactor and cause the world’s destruction. In a world where everyone tries to be politically correct, this comes as a breath of fresh air.
The final word on this game comes from a friend who says, “After I play, i make a point to relax for 15 minutes before I go out, because I’m afraid I might drive the same way in the real world”. Now that’s immersion.

@2. SUPER MARIO BROS (1985-2010)

The fun, accessible, and addictive gameplay of the SMB series has earned it this rank. Truly the biggest franchise of past, present, and future, this series has literally crushed mascots of other platforms such as SEGA’s Sonic the hedgehog and PlayStation’s Crash Bandicoot. The only reason is because of a tiny, insignificant little thing.

@3. GOD OF WAR (2005-2010)

The GOW franchise has continually churned out one superlative experience after another. Each new title pushes the boundaries of what the game’s console is capable of, and each release continues to make the act of mass destruction extremely fun. The GOW series continues to symbolize the epitome of polish and smoothness in gameplay, and there seems to be no stopping this juggernaut.

@4. ROAD RASH (1991-2003)

Road Rash is the most fun motorcycle racing game ever made, and practically everyone who owns a PC has enjoyed it, including 60-year-old-grandmas and we say this from personal experience. An elderly lady once wanted to play Road Rash at the SKOAR!

@5. FALLOUT (1997-2010)

It has alternative-reality mix of 1950s vaccum tube technology with high-powered Gauss Rifles has a special appeal all its own. Another unforgettable aspect is its liberal dose of dark humour. Regardless of how hopeless the future of the world might seem, there’s always someone around to make a wisecrack about it. When it comes to post-apocalyptic sci-fi, nothing can touch Fallout with a sharp-ended spear.


AVP (Aliens Versus Predator) is actually three games in one-an excellent horror FPS (Marine), a hi-tech stealth FPS (Predator), and the Alien campaign that has no parallel in any other franchise. We can’t beat playing from the viewpoint of the two coolest villains in Sci-Fi lore.

@7. CALL OF DUTY (2003-2010)

With each release the COD franchise has gone from strength to strength, and currently holds the record of the largest-selling FPS. The combination of arcade action with realistic weapons, together with tightly-scripted levels that provide a cinematic feel to the action has been maintained across its iterations.

@8. PRINCE OF PERSIA (1989-2010)

In terms of artistic excellence, it stood head and shoulders above all other platformers in its time, and its simplistic elegance can still hold its own against today’s games.POP is gaming filtered down to its essence: kill the bad guy, save the world, get the girl.

@9. DOOM (1993-2010)

It was the game that created the multiplayer deathmatch. The first “2.5D” game, which ushered shift to 3D.  Its graphics were a generational leap forward. There are all other FPS games, and then there is DOOM.

@10. MEATL GEAR (1987-2010)

Fantastic production quality, a “cinematic” storyline, and challenging stealth gameplay make for a formidable combination, never mind the weird choice of names.

@11. MAX PAYNE (2001-2008)

This is the action marquee that first introduced the concept of slow motion actions, and gamers were suitably blown away. The addition of a hackneyed love story didn’t hurt either, because we’re suckers for those things.

@12. GRAND THEFT AUTO (1997-2009)

The GTA franchise is a rare gem that has consistently upped the ante with each release, wherein the deviants at Rockstar come up with a more awesome adventure to shake you up. Praising it any more would sound trite, so all we’ll say is “More hot coffee please!” Greets also go out to Mafia. Thug life!

@13. COMMANDOS (1998-2010)

Granted, commandos’ difficulty could be frustrating at times, but the satisfaction of a hard-earned victory after hours of patience was unmatchable. We look forward to the day when this franchise will be resurrected in its original avatar. Until then, clones like pathway to glory will have to suffice.

@14. COMMAND & CONQUER (1995-2010)

The RTS world broadly companies C&C and war craft. We’ve played all three WC games, but they’re nowhere near the former. Any game that lets you blow up the white house and has exploding cows in it gets our vote.

@15. BURNOUT (2001-2009)

Burnout typifies arcade racing craze, perfected in burnout revenge. For joy it provides a lot in crashing opponents’ cars in any number of ways, this hits the more popular need for speed to the post.

@16. STAR CRAFT (1998-2010)

This game needs no introduction. And answer to say that this slot was a toss-up between star craft and war craft, but the former own because of its better single player campaign and engrossing storyline. Another contender for this position was war hammer 40,000: dawn of war, but it lost out to the former’s production quality.

@17. HALF LIFE (1998-2010)

This is one of the most recognized franchises, halo notwithstanding. Half life changed the people’s expectations of the FPS genre. It helped to bring about the FPS domination and it was still continues.HL2 was an extremely polished product with a few innovations of its own.

@18. FINAL FANTASY (1987-2010)

The first name that comes to mind when you say “JAP RPG” is final fantasy. Longest running, record breaking, prolific, and cultural phenomenon are some of the many adjectives used to describe this venerable console franchise, which has truly defined the RPG genre.

@19. THE ELDER SCROLLS (1994-2007)

The elder scrolls world didn’t make an impression with its first or second loops, but Morrowind changed the game with its huge world and massive storyline. Other fantasy RPG franchises are similarly epic in scope, but lack the polish that TES displays.

@20. WORMS (1995-2010)

When one gamer says to another, “I’ve got worms”, he isn’t talking about gastrointestinal disorders. This turn-based squad combat tactical series has delighted fans for years now, and will hopefully continue to do so.



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