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Top 30 Softwares for Windows

In this article we are going to list out the top windows Softwares by considering some factors like importance of particular software, performance and usage rating. By taking all these factors into consideration, we prepare the list of top 30 windows software.

#1.    MS Office Suite 2010

Let’s face it, this one thing where Microsoft really knows what it’s doing. Whether it’s the simplicity of world or the complex pivot tablets, look-ups, and macros we can run in excel or even the impressive fluidity of power point, we all seem to love this productivity tool. Also, it’s not really a surprise that the productivity suite is top of this countdown right? After all we use a PC most often for the productivity.

#2.    Google Chrome

Google chrome is one of the best browsers where it is going to be our gateway to personal computing in the future. Now with extension support, the newly launched app store and more stable releases, it seems this would be a favourite browser for overall periods.

#3.    Irfan view

Irfan view is the primary tool for all of us when it comes to batch processing, editing and resizing the images.

#4.    uTorrent

uTorrent is small sized software where we can easily use the resources. It has great looking interface with awesome features. Feature set even includes a Web UI.

#5.    Firefox

Firefox is again one of the most successful open source projects of all time. The browser was at one time the most customizable, secure and fast browser. Hence the loyal fan following even today.

#6.    VLC

Despite media players such as KMPlayer and Media Player Classic, VLC still remains its position with high rating. Many people will not use this player as default player but stood top in the listing because of its extensive features.

#7.    Nero Suite

Nero suite is used to burn CDs and DVDs and most people only use this Nero Burning ROM Component for its rich features.

#8.    CCleaner

CCleaner is the best system maintenance tool by its tweaking registry, optimizing start-up for quicker booting, or simply removing temporary files enmass. There is nothing as user friendly as CCleaner.

#9.    WinRaR

The good old giant of the compression world still rules the roost. Perhaps people are still habituated or many like that .rar format that WinRaR can natively compress and archive in.

#10.   Daemon Tools

A daemon tool is one of the best ISO mounting and creating tools out there. With daemon tools, we can compress, split images while also managing our countless images. It associates with image files for quick access and has a system tray menu to help ease the process.

#11.   Adobe Reader

It seems, maximum there was no another option to read a PDF file without using this software. Mostly, people throw any PDF at it and it will open, was the contention.

#12.   Skype

Skype is the world’s most popular VoIP application and it found many takers across continents. Skype does a good job at reducing international calling costs for people. Even the conference call features have been well accepted.

#13.   Audacity

Audacity is the most appreciated free audio editor around. The software features a clean interface, multi-track editing, a robust set of effects, wide file support and even plug-in’s all in a 2.13 MB package.

#14.   Windows Movie Maker

For newbie’s, Windows Movie Maker seems to provide the best combination between features and usability. If we want to make nice looking home videos, Movie Maker will suffice.

#15.   AVG Antivirus

This antivirus software is very easy to use and what’s great about it is that the basic version, which supports all updates and latest virus definitions, is free to use.

#16.  Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player may not be a first option of media playback, but after clean install when we want to play any file, this is the best and perhaps only player available.

#17.   Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is one of the best browser but it was not using by maximum people because of the competition given by other brands i.e. chrome, Firefox. But this software has its own use because some browser refuses to open some prickly websites. So in this way, it occupies the top position in this particular list.

#18.  VirtualBox

Sun Microsystems’s VirtualBox is virtual machine software used to run something from a different platform. It’s installed on almost all our systems.

#19.  Google Talk

Google Talk is an all-in-one messenger trying to acquire a top place in today’s world of website. Gtalk faces its biggest competition from the web UI integrated chat found in Gmail itself.

#20.  Picasa

Picasa is a photo editing cum photo management hybrid that is a favourite amongst most people. This application comes with really nice and unique features which include, web gallery integration, face detection and geo-tagging images.

#21.  Thunderbird

Thunderbird is one of the biggest open source success stories in the world today. A robust, cross platform mail client such as thunderbird has rarely been seen even in the commercial spaces. It’s easy to set-up, customizable, and has a lovely UI.

#22.   Recuva

When we delete a file and suddenly realise it was the wrong one i.e. I am not talking about the temporary delete file where we can find it in recycle bin. Recuva is brilliant software used to recover data from lost files and even also from crashed hard drives.

#23.   Avast Antivirus

Many people are using this antivirus software over many years because Avast developers are always trying to keep ahead of malicious coders and keep the user in a safe manner.

#24.   SpeedFan

SpeedFan is a hardware monitoring software that monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures in our PCs. It can access S.M.A.R.T information and show hard disk temperature too and even dynamically change fan speeds accordingly, to reduce noise.

#25.   WordWeb

WordWeb is an instant English Dictionary and thesaurus. If we select any word, it will give us meanings, alternative words and many other options. It is useful to anyone even remotely interested in writing better, increasing their vocabulary and knowing correct pronunciation.

#26.   Teracopy

Teracopy is a file copy utility that goes beyond the regular windows copy-paste dialog box. It works a little faster and has features like pausing and resuming copying tasks.

#27.    Yahoo!

A few years ago Yahoo! Messenger was perhaps the only form of instant communication between users. But right now, its ranking was going down due to heavy competition by the web based chats and multi-protocol messengers like Gmail and Facebook.

#28.   Norton Ghost

Norton ghost was robust software that would take system image backups and an instant restore point, complete with settings and preferences.

#29.   Teamviewer

Teamviewer software is used to log into our or anyone else’s PC from a different location. Effectively controlling remote system as if we are right there in front of it and was a great tool for trouble shooting or keeping track of what’s going on with our PC while on the move.

#30.   Lightroom

Many people prefer Lightroom software over other photo management and editing tools because it helps us in organising our photographs and do post processing works like adjusting exposures, tonal adjustments etc. It also allows us to showcase our work in the form of slide show, web galleries as well as on popular photo sharing sites.

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