Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best Pico Projectors

Pico projector is used to show images from many devices such as cameras, cell phones, gaming devices, media players and PDAs. These Pico projectors are gaining popularity due to its functionalities and sizes. Now these are the interesting gadgets for personal use and the cost ranges between $100 to $500 which depends on uses and size of that particular device.
In this article we are going to list out the top Pico Projectors depends on its performance and sales rate of the current market.

1.    Microvision ShowWX+    ($399)

Microvision ShowWX Plus device features 50% more brightness than the original ShowWX i.e. 15 lumens. The specifications of this device are 848x480 WVGX resolution, 5000: 1 Contrast ratio, and iPod/iPhone connectivity with a maximum image size of 100”. 

2.    Optoma PK301 ($349)

Optoma PK301 is a very bright Pico projector which uses 50 lumens and a resolution of 854x480 pixels. It supports ports like USB/VGA/HDMI/A/V, internal memory with 30Mb size and a microSD card slot. It can play back AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP and various photo formats.

3.    Samsung SP-H03 ($299)

Samsung SP-H03 contains 854x480 WVGA resolution, 30 lumens with a maximum image size of 80”. Ports include VGA, USB and Composite with 1 GB of internal memory and a microSD card slot (supports movies, office docs and PDFs). It weights 200 grams and claims a battery life of 2 hours.

4.    FAVI B1-LED-PICO ($279)

FAVI B1-LED-PICO is a business oriented Pico projector with 35 lumens Lcos light engine, 800x600 resolution. Ports include AV, VGA and mini USB with 1 GB of internal memory and a microSD card slot. It weighs about 450 grams and supports music, video and photo files.

5.    Optoma PK201 ($269)

The PK201 uses TI’s new DLP chipset supporting 854x480 WVGA resolution. The projector contains ports like USB/VGA/HDMI/A/V with 30 MB internal memory and a microSD card slot. It includes one 0.5w speaker with an audio out jack and can play back AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP with various photo formats.

6.    3M MPro-150 ($263)

3M MPro-150 contains 15 lumens, 640x480 resolution with maximum image size of 50”. It contains built in memory of 1GB with removable microSD card of 2 GB. It includes 2 half-watt speakers with a audio out jack.

7.    Microvision ShowWX classic ($259)

Microvision ShowWX Classic is the world’s first laser-beam-steering Pico projector. It offers 10 lumens and a high 840x480 resolution because it based on laser, the image is always in focus.

8.    Optoma PK102 ($208)

The 2nd generation Optoma projector seems to have the same projector engine as PK101. It weights about 118 grams, 480x320 resolution with maximum image size of 60”. It has 4 GB of memory, can play MP3 files and has a built-in speaker.

9.    3M MPro-120 ($191)

3M MPro-120 is 3M’s second generation Pico projector, using new MM200 projection engine. It has better battery life of 2-4 hours, brighter and has longer life time of 20,000 hours. It contains 12 lumens, 640x480 resolution and stereo speakers.

10.    Optoma PK101 ($179)

Optoma PK101 is Optoma’s first Pico projector contains 480x320 resolution with a maximum image size of 66”. It weighs about 100 grams and has a DLP light engine. 

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